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This week’s episode is a special compilation episode all about stress: what it is, where it comes from, and what we can do to manage it better in our lives. Even before the events of the past 20 months, we were living in the middle of a stress epidemic. For many years now, the World Health Organization has been calling stress, the health epidemic of the 21st century. Many of us think that we can get away with burning the candle at both ends forever. But the reality is very, very different. Stress impacts every single organ of the body and chronic stress is at the root of many modern chronic diseases.

On my podcast, I have had the great pleasure of talking to some of the leading thinkers and scientists across the globe and this week my team and I have put together some of the very best bits from previous episodes to give you actionable tips that I hope help you live a happier, more fulfilling, and stress-free life.

This episode includes clips from:

  • Episode 41 – Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Ayan Panja

  • Episode 28 - Rich Roll

  • Episode 183 - Greg McKeown

  • Episode 95 - Claudia Hammond

  • Episode 113 - Brian MacKenzie

  • Episode 124 - James Nestor

  • Episode 109 - Kelly McGonigal

  • Episode 2 - Michael Acton-Smith

  • Episode 80 - Dhru Purohit

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee GP & Author
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