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There’s a new PUBG in town — there’s no creative naming this time, to get around the bans and the controversies — and it’s already crossed the 10-million download mark in less than a week.

Gadgets 360 deputy video head Cyrus John and in-house PUBG expert Robin John join host Akhil Arora to discuss PUBG: New State.

We talk about what the return of the PUBG moniker means to Indian players. Though frankly, it’s the return of international servers that is arguably more important. You can play PUBG with the world again.

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We delve into how it compares to PUBG Mobile, I mean Battlegrounds Mobile India — it looks better (close to PC), and plays a bit different (you’ve drones, EV cars, and the gameplay is more realistic).

But will players migrate? Gamers have invested a lot of time and money in PUBG Mobile. And there’s less incentive for pros as well, given BGMI players can qualify for e-sports at the 2022 Asian Games.

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • Breath of fresh air (00:27)
  • Global servers (again) (03:15)
  • New State vs BGMI (05:37)
  • Realistic, futuristic (08:50)
  • Huge community (11:13)
  • PUBG split (15:04)
  • A better game (18:38)
  • Drones?! (19:47)
  • E-sports and beyond (23:59)
  • Outro (28:55)

Photo credits: Robin John/Gadgets 360

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