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On this episode, Cyrus is joined by Ganesh Ramani, Managing Director at Mars Petcare India, to talk about pet ownership, the pet homelessness index, the ForPaws AI driven pet lost-and-found app, and tons more. They talk about how Ganesh got into animal and pet welfare, how ForPaws works, how they were able to return a pet to its owner within the first 4 days of launch, no reported cases of COVID in pet animals, and lots more. They also talk about the first ever State of Pet Homelessness Index by Mars Petcare, a study that helps identify the causes and problem areas when it comes to pet homelessness, what can be done to address this problem, how pet adoption has seen a rise in the pandemic, and tons more. They also talk about Mars' efforts with Airport Certification that makes travelling with your pet easier, when that will come to India, and more. Tune in for a very interesting conversation.

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