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On this episode, we are joined by Vishal Malhotra, Actor, Tedx Speaker & the first Indian actor to release an NFT. They talk about Vishal being a Disney star, being the actor for children in the 90’s, Cyrus and Vishal starting their careers at around the the same time along with Sachin Tendulkar, and Vishal working on Hip Hip Hurray. They also talk about Mumbai traffic, how auto rickshaws create most of the traffic in the city, and Vishal travelling from rickshaws to get to the railway station and then to Bombay Gymkhana. Vishal also tells us about his NFT-funded movie, how thise idea came to his mind and meeting Maroon 5 the band. Further, Silverie talks to Vishal being his 'door ka rishtedaar' of Vishal's and how Vishal has seen Cyrus naked. Tune in for this and much more

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