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On Cock & Bull today, we are joined by Harsh Sonawala, Shreyas Manohar, and the superstar - Silverie. Cyrus again rants about the VIP movement in South Mumbai, and the suffering it has caused his friends. The panel talks to Harsh about his own company ‘India Someday’, and how they plan trips for people and personalize itineraries according to each individual's tastes. Further, we move on to the topics where the Chicago University report says that air pollution in India reduces life expectancy by 5 years, and in Delhi by 10 years! The panel also talks about the Prayagraj man who got booked for ditching instead of ‘dying with lover’, DGCA announcing that airlines will have to pay an Rs. 10,000 fine if boarding is denied on a valid ticket to any passenger, and how Cyrus and Silverie's dad should go on vacation together. Tune in for this and much more.

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