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On Cock & Bull today, we’re joined by Kajol Srinivasan, Aakash Mehta, Silverie, & Abbas. Cyrus joins in from the IVM Studio (from Spain?!?) & talks about how his friend Kunal Vijaykar is confused between Barcelona - the Spanish city & Barcelona - a building in Mumbai. In the show, Antariksh introduces us to the weird fact that pet dogs can forget how to eat food on their own because of excessive pampering. Kajol talks about her ghost story experience, while Abbas remained stuck in traffic for most of the episode. Topics discussed include Maharashtra’s nine family members’ suicide that brought back the horror of Delhi’s Burari death, a bird strike that forced three planes to return to the origin, and why hundreds turned up at Bengaluru Freedom Park to protest textbook revision in Karnataka. Amidst the topics, Cyrus joins in again from Spain, wearing an Ignite Delhi T-shirt. After the break, he takes us to see the bullfighting live from Spain. Tune in for this and much more!

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