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CAUTION: This episode contains mild swearing.

What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams? What if the ‘when’ you’re waiting for never comes? Today’s guest believes confidence is a by-product of taking action – and she wants you to take action now.

Lisa Bilyeu is a British-born but now American-based entrepreneur who co-founded the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition. She also hosts a weekly YouTube show, Women of Impact, and is the author of the brand new book, Radical Confidence. It’s a lively and inspiring read – part memoir, part self-help manual for anyone who wants to rewrite their own script and overcome ‘the purgatory of the mundane’.


In this conversation, Lisa explains how she went from being a supportive, stay-at-home wife to husband Tom (Bilyeu, who you may remember from episode 110) to someone in hot pursuit of her own dreams. Being a housewife for eight years was an arrangement she and Tom agreed on, to enable him to make their fortune. But with time, her gratitude for their comfortable life was holding her back from fulfilling her potential. She explains how her own ‘radical confidence’ came as the result of taking a risk and trying something new.


I think that’s such a powerful way of looking at it, that confidence is a consequence. It’s a useful way of seeing so many areas of life where we might be telling ourselves we can’t change, be it losing weight, getting fit or getting that new job. The truth is, says Lisa, we already know what we have to do. We just need the conviction to get going.


This conversation is packed with other gems of wisdom from Lisa’s life. From the intentional communication that underpins her marriage, to the realisation that the only hero she really needed was herself. From finding the solution to her gut-health problems, to the ‘No BS’ trick she and Tom use for working out what they really want from life. All this, and much more, in this fantastic episode. I hope you enjoy listening.

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