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On Cyrus Says today, we're joined by actor Sunny Kaushal. Cyrus speaks to Sunny about his life as an actor and what that journey has been like till now. The show starts with Cyrus taking a mildly funny take on how Sunny got his name. From thereon, they start from the very beginning by talking about Sunny’s father, who has been working in the industry as an action director and has been the reason for him to take up acting as a career. They discuss those initial times of struggle, the days of theater that taught Sunny plenty about the art of acting, that first AD film, and the eventual breakthrough on the big screen. Sunny also talks about some of his recent projects and projects he wants to take up in the future, fantasy being a must-one. Abbas [the cinephile] joins in post-break with some of his filmy questions and questions asked by the #BroachaJantaParty. So tune in for this and much more!

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