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On Cock & Bull today, we are joined by Mohit, Sriraam & Aakash. Today Cyrus opens by talking about the beautiful morning and the things he saw while coming down to the studio for the podcast, which included: heavy rain from South Bombay to Khar, a completely smashed Honda Car near Worli, and two smashed-in rickshaws outside our studio. In the show: Mohit Mahale, the producer for Cyrus’ other show - The Week That Wasn’t, is back after many episodes. Aakash couldn’t come to the studio due to marriage duties. Sriraam joins in from his home/TV Set in Gurugram and shares some never-ending stories. Topics discussed by the panel were: Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a public debate on bots, Bull travels solo from Jharkhand to Bihar in a passenger train, and Government employee asks for 3-days off to bring his upset wife home, and Truss vows to crack down on renewables development. Tune in for this and much more!

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