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On Cock & Bull today, we are joined by Punit, Harsh & Meghnad. Today Cyrus opens by sharing another valuable gift to the world, the word - ballo. A combination of the two words - bye & hello. According to him, ballo can be used in situations where people are in a hurry and have to say both bye & hello at the same time. With such gifts, Cyrus has been saving time since Independence. In the show: the panelists discuss how cuss words are spoken in different languages, overpowered Yogis & Babas, and the followers of the Dudeism religion. Also, Cyrus showcases his mastery over different accents, without sounding inappropriate, of course.

Topics discussed by the panel were:

- Bihar political crisis - JD(U) shift likely to change Rajya Sabha math.
- Sant Rampal devotees peddle crazy claims, saying Chhat Puja celebrations are against the scriptures, and Gita prohibits fasts.
- A Kolkata professor alleges that the university forced her to quit over IG posts.
- 'Education, healthcare not freebies' - AAP tells Supreme Court.

Tune in for this and much more!

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