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On Cyrus Says today, we're joined by author & entrepreneur Faisal Farooqui. Faisal is the author of the book: In The Shadow of a Legend - Dilip Kumar. On the show, Cyrus and Faisal discuss many instances that inspired the different chapters of the book. They go through the many life stories of Dilip Kumar - stories that are deep and unknown. They talk about Dilip Sahab’s real-life Kirdaar and how that motivated Faisal to pen down this book. Faisal also shares a few anecdotes about his initial interactions with Dilip Sahab. They also speak about Faisal’s involvement in the tech space with his company, Antariksh joins in after the break with questions for Faisal from the #BroachaJantaParty. Tune in for this and much more!

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