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Nikesh Murali

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Indian Noir is written, narrated and produced by one of India’s best horror and crime writers Nikesh Murali. Nikesh is the author of a multi-award winning, Amazon bestselling short story collection 'The Killing fields'. His novel 'His Night Begins', which was praised by Crime Fiction Lover magazine for its 'terse action scenes and brutal energy', was released to critical acclaim and earned him the tag of the 'most hardboiled of Indian crime writers' from World Literature Today Journal.

Featured in Harper’s Bazaar, India Today, CBC, The Hindu, Times of India, New Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, The Statesman, The Week, The Telegraph, Femina, The Economic times, Mid-Day, The News Minute, The Quint, India Times, ABC Radio, Mashable, Reader's Digest India, Men's World, Your Story, Calcutta Times, Grazia and other media outlets. It has won rave reviews on major podcasting platforms, from critics and listeners alike and is widely considered as one of India’s best horror and crime podcasts.

This podcast is rated R 18 . It may contain classifiable elements such as violence, sex scenes and drug use that are high in impact. This podcast may also contain information which may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault, violence, drug abuse or mental health issues. Listener discretion is advised

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