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Explorations in the world of science.

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The Evidence: Keeping out Covid-19

9 hours ago NaN minutes

From flight bans, entry bans, compulsory quarantine and virus testing, most countries have introduce

The Life Scientific: Giles Yeo

5 days ago NaN minutes

Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work...

The power of night

12 days ago 28 minutes

Lucy Cooke meets some of the animal kingdom’s nocturnal inhabitants to understand why it pays to sti

The power of one

19 days ago 28 minutes

We humans are a supremely social species, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us into so

The Power of Celibacy

a month ago 27 minutes

You might think that sex is essential for life, but you'd be wrong! Lucy Cooke travels to the Hawai

News that at least three new variants of SARS-CoV-2 have emerged in three separate continents have s

Science Trumped

a month ago 33 minutes

When US health expert sighed last week that science could now speak again, his sense of relief was s

Plant scientist Dale Sanders

a month ago 27 minutes

Professor Dale Sanders has spent much of his life studying plants, seeking to understand why some th

Astrophysicist Andy Fabian

2 months ago 27 minutes

Professor Andrew Fabian from Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy has spent his career trying to unrav

Professor Heather Koldewey wants to protect our oceans from over-fishing and plastic pollution. An a


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