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Science, health and technology news and highlights of the week.

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Rolling out the vaccines faster

3 days ago NaN minutes

Two weeks ago several G7 leaders called for an international treaty on Pandemic Preparedness for the

On the trail of rare blood clots

10 days ago NaN minutes

On Wednesday the EU’s EMA and UK’s JCVI announced a suspected correlation between vaccination and an

After last year’s first wave of covid-19 in the UK, individuals who had been discharged after hospit

Sightseers and social media scrollers have flocked to the slopes of Fagradalsfjall, a volcano erupti

International science at sea

a month ago NaN minutes

In the UK thousands of scientists have signed open letters to the UK government protesting cuts to i

Last week a fireball lit up the sky of western England. Locals and professionals scoured the country

06/03/2021 GMT

2 months ago NaN minutes

Science news and highlights of the week..

Waste not, want not

2 months ago 70 minutes

Although vaccines will go a long way to reducing the number of cases of Covid, there’s still a need

Weird weather

2 months ago 67 minutes

A paper in the BMJ shows that deaths from Covid 9 are being massively overlooked in Zambia. The new

Perseverance approaches Mars

2 months ago 72 minutes

On 18th February the Perseverance rover should land on Mars. Katie Stack-Morgan of NASA’s Jet Propul


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