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Our Last Week is a weekly podcast by neuro-science researcher and physicist Anuvab Pal and world renowned philosopher Kunaal Roy Kapur. They come together to create an event horizon that looks at the black hole of human existence with a gravitational lens trained specifically on the human week that just went by. They’re just two guys trying to make sense of it all. Deep, bruv.

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44 Episodes

Do people greet each other properly only when they have an agenda? What do we need to do make moment

#43: Who Owns Your Life?

4 years ago 24 minutes

With all Anuvab’s personal conversations with Kunaal are making it to the podcast, he laments their

Can a Global Citizen Fest really eradicate poverty where a head-exploding variety of celebrities get

This week there are no conundrums, life itself has become a conundrum. Kunaal and Anuvab contemplate

Why doesn’t anyone in a position of power ever retire? Are people with a family business really that

Should you be obliged to tip for a service you have already paid for? What is the point of an air mi

Kunaal and Anuvab are back with more conundrums about the events gripping the country and its border

Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur return with another set of fresh conundrums. Why we don’t take

Kunaal and Anuvab on the importance of that ONE signed piece of paper in India and how it can valida

The Olympic games are on and Kunaal has been staying up to watch various events, he shares his uniqu


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