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Aditi Mittal and Sucharita Tyagi
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Aditi Mittal and Sucharita Tyagi are two girls from Mumbai who never really learnt the art of shutting up. Now that its too late, they've decided to do some good for the world and use their unspent energies into talking at each other, preferrably in one confined space. Presenting, The Paadcast. For when you cant speak your mind, fart your heart.

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7 Episodes
Ep 12 - Millenials

5 years ago 27 minutes

• Welcome back to the Paadcast! • Sorry, we have been busy :( •

Episode 11 - The Art Of Flirting

6 years ago 23 minutes

Today's subject (one that Sucharita and I know precious little about) THE ART OF FLIRTING.&#

--Message from our sponsers: Aditi is on tour, please come watch it. -- @neelshah87! You WIN a g

1. Sorry for missing last week, that HORRIBLE pun in the title of the episode and so many other thin

*FART SOUND* Addy has a HORRIBLE cold. We don't even make 1 pun related to colds. Thoug

(NSFW) SNACK OF THE WEEK: Chana Chaat from Bandra East and Amla ka murabba! @thepaadca

The beginning of the end- Pilot

6 years ago 24 minutes

Aditi Mittal and Sucharita Tyagi are two idiots who live in Mumbai and talk for a living. In spite o


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