Buttons & Figs
Buttons & Figs
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Buttons & Figs is a podcast for kids about nonsense.

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66 Episodes
Epic Encore: The War Of The Fools

21 days ago NaN minutes

Epic Encore: Once again Nonsense appeared to be on a collision course with reason presenting Buttons

Do you like to say the words, Activity Books? Do you like all the puzzles and games found in Activit

Miss Mary Mack Nonsense!

a month ago 6 minutes

Do you know the rhyme Miss Mary Mack?! If so, then we have a silly, fun, joyful nonsense challenge!

Do you love animals at the zoo us too! For this episode we were inspired by Ogden Nash's "Zoo", a c

Writing Nonsense - A Word Ghost in the Portal by a podcast for kids about playing with words..

WWW - Thanksgiving Thesaurus

5 months ago 6 minutes

Happy Thanksgiving from Buttons & Figs! On this WWW episode your challenge is to figure out which w

WWW - Heards of Verbs

5 months ago 9 minutes

Have you Heards of Verbs?! On this Wacky Wordplay we share 4 limericks by Edward Lear and YOU are to

Encore WWW: Are you As Playful As a Simile?! Each Wacky Wordplay Wednesday (WWW)episode will featur

For this episode kids at the Velma Teague Library in Glendale, Arizona wrote and recorded nonsense p

Halloween Spirit is a mini-musical treat with three songs that follow the story of a young boy whose


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