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What makes people tick? What are the stories they carry with them? In a world of shouting heads, veteran journalist, radio commentator and novelist Sandip Roy sits down to have real conversations about the fascinating world around us and the people who shape it. Catch these engaging interviews every other Sunday

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93 Episodes

Sandip talks to the co-founder of Edible Archives, a restaurant-cum-research centre in Goa that is s

In this episode, Sandip is joined by political analyst Sajjan Kumar and Neelajan Sircar, assistant p

Anuja Chauhan joins Sandip to talk about the new novel, the politics of Delhi (and Bangalore) clubs,

Sandip talks to Indian Express' Associate Editor Santosh Singh about what Bihar politics will look l

Author Stephen Alter on what the history of Himalaya can tell us about the present, lessons we can l

While the SARS- COV 2 virus surges around the world and mutates, India's number of COVID-19 deaths w

Social activist and Director of the Centre of Equity Studies Harsh Mander talks about his latest boo

Rakesh Khanna, the founder of Blaft Publications, talks about his new book which is an encyclopedia

Political scientist Dr Vinay Sitapati talks to Sandip about this latest book, Jugalbandi: The BJP be

Dr Shashi Tharoor on who does nationalism really mean in the Indian context, and how it is different


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