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It's time for practical personal development! In just two minutes every day you can hear a new self-improvement tip that will help you get more out of your time, energy, and effort. Hosted by TedX Speaker Brian Ford, inch closer to your potential by opening your mind to new opportunities for personal growth! Give your first episode a try and see what we're talking about! Be sure to subscribe to jumpstart your pursuit for personal development. Music provided by Legend From Heaven ( IG: @self.improvement.daily FB:

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<p>In this Self Improvement Sit Down, we talk in detail about how to optimize our communicat

A Week of Being Thankful

a year ago 8280 minutes

<p>Hoping it's a habit I can continue! Be grateful for the health, comfort, freedom, peo

Thankful for Opportunity (#2468)

a year ago 7260 minutes

<p>It's important to be grateful for the things you have at present, but it's also i

Thankful for People (#2468)

a year ago 7080 minutes

<p>This is what Thanksgiving is all about. Connecting with the people that are important in

Thankful For Freedom (#2468)

a year ago 6900 minutes

<p>The liberty  we enjoy is a product of the sacrifices made by many others. I apprecia

Thankful For Comfort (#2468)

a year ago 6840 minutes

<p>I am grateful for the roof over my head, the water in my faucet, and the clothes on my ba

Thankful For Health (#2468)

a year ago 8100 minutes

<p>Instead of cramming all of our gratitude into a day, let's at least stretch it out fo

Weekend Recap 11/18 - 11/22

a year ago 6720 minutes

<p>And a great week it was! Spread some love this weekend.</p>..

<p>I've been getting to know Joe over the last few weeks, and just like anyone else he n

<p>This world is full of miracles. Take a second to look around at them.</p>..


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