Scenes from Jaipur Journals


An audioseries where host Lakshya Datta will introduce you to some of the characters and voices from writer, publisher and festival director Namita Gokhale's "Jaipur Journals" - a new novel set against the backdrop of the iconic Jaipur Literature Festival. A new “scene” from the novel will be released daily from January 23 to 27, 2020 alongside #JaipurLitFest2020. This audioseries is produced by Launchora, in partnership with Penguin India.
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Episodes (6)
"My Body is a Haunted House"
a year ago
"Anirban Followed The Path Less Travelled"
a year ago
"Miaow, Miaow Miss Mankotia!"
a year ago
"The Difference between a Ghazal, a Nazm, and a Geet"
a year ago
"UNSUBMITTED, Rudrani's Private Masterpiece"
a year ago
Introducing "Scenes from Jaipur Journals"
a year ago
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