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From Delhi, WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family, business and finance. Catch the show live every Friday at 2100 IST/1530 GMT on BBC World News and BBC World Service.

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For most companies, the pandemic has had far-reaching consequences. Established business models and

India is facing an alarming surge in coronavirus cases, a dangerous second wave that’s threatening t

Unpaid domestic work in India is nearly 40% of the country’s GDP, according to recent estimates. Ind

How to overcome vaccine hesitancy

25 days ago 16 minutes

An estimated 500 million Covid-19 vaccinations have been administered so far globally. In India, tha

How to train your brain

a month ago NaN minutes

All of us keep learning new things all the time. It could be learning to speak in public, a technica

How to make a career comeback

a month ago NaN minutes

Over 40 million people are recorded as unemployed in India. To add to that, the coronavirus pandemic

How to deal with online trolling

2 months ago 26 minutes

Abusive comments and insults have become far too common on the internet. Social media platforms in p

Ready for a zero waste lifestyle?

2 months ago 26 minutes

India generates over 270 million tonnes of waste every year - 80 percent of what South Asia produces

Many top sports events, disrupted by Covid, are finally back. And so is the BBC’s Indian sportswoman

Interfaith relationships in India have always faced the heat. Love remains difficult and at times da


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