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The Travelling Professor's Diary as the name suggests is a show about a curious human being with an eagerness for travel and observations. He visits colleges such as MICA, SP Jain, Symbiosis, FLAME, upGrad, Talent age and spreads the digital gospel of design, marketing, and business transformation amongst others.</p><p>He's not here to give 'gyaan' like a typical professor, but to share his experiences as an inquisitive person encountering various fascinating people and subjects. This podcast is a treasure trove of anecdotes, insights and stories from a bright mind of a man that travels, observes, teaches and shares.</p>

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Ep. 125: Waterfall vs Agile

3 days ago NaN minutes

What is the best project management technique that one can use today?

In this episode, the

Ep. 124: Sebamed

5 days ago NaN minutes

What is more tempting than a wonderful soap opera?
In this episode, the travelling professor l

This diary entry explores the concept of time. In this episode, the traveling professor explains

In this episode, the travelling professor unravels the key principles of best-selling author Nir

When you are making a pitch to a potential client (who has it's people logging into zoom) and you

Myntra, a popular E-commerce company was forced to change it's logo after activists filed a compl

Customer experience design is much more than designing the interface or designing the physical ex

Ep. 118: The Gamestop Lessons

a month ago 5 minutes

In this episode, the travelling professor takes on something really interesting that happened in

We are trying to recreate organisational culture, value systems and rituals through Zoom, and why

As students try to get placed in what is a very tough recruitment year, the travelling professor


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