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Sneha Gore Mehendale
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History, as taught in schools and colleges, often reduces it to mere dates and events. However, history is much beyond those dates and names and events. History is essentially a story. A story of mankind. A story of us. When we think of history in this way, we realize that it can be interesting and engaging. Itihaas- the Indian History Podcast attempts to do precisely this. Moreover, history is not only political. It goes beyond nations, rise and fall of kingdoms. Every other area in this world has history. Right from history of science, history of brands, history of cinema, history of food and so on. Itihaas aims to deal with all this eventually, with necessary subject experts getting featured in a podcast. Only, Itihaas focuses on all this from an Indian perspective. Things that happened in India, people who were from India, stories of India and Indians. Through various seasons, different themes will be discussed upon. Itihaas explores history bit by bit, one pod

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8 Episodes
Episode 59: The Radio Recap

2 months ago 11 minutes

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History IN Cinema- I

6 months ago 8 minutes

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The Doordarshan Diaries

6 months ago 5 minutes

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Foodie By-lanes: Then and Now

7 months ago 6 minutes

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Glocal Food: Outgoing Edition

8 months ago 17 minutes

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Glocal Food: Incoming Edition

8 months ago 7 minutes

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Living History: Vaccine Trials

9 months ago 23 minutes

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