Being The Change
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Hosted by Rohan Thakar. A podcast which aims to highlight the people who have been working hard at bringing the change in society. We see that problems are everywhere and everyone wants change, but there is always someone who changes himself to bring the change. When you change, The World Changes.

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A try becomes an action, repeated actions become habits, and habits can change your life. Curiosity

Every day almost 8million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans. What can be do

India has been fighting Hunger, much before COVID, much before the Global Recession, Much Before we

We are always attracted by what the west introduces, be it in technology or fashion But close to ho

Dr. David Pillai changed the face of medical education in India by making it more affordable and acc

Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide brings a lot of questions to people's minds. One of which being, why

Nothing in the world can make you feel anything you don’t choose to, We choose it. You make your own

In this episode Being The Change, host Rohan Thakar chats with Vandana Sethhi who is the founder of

Today we can see an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and the frustration of being in lockdown. A tin


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