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Sundeep Rao
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Stand up comedian Sundeep Rao sits down weekly to discuss the topics India cares about. As one of the pioneers of stand up comedy in India, Sundeep is partially blind but 100% politically incorrect. In this weekly podcast Sundeep gives his take on whats happening in India and the world, how we're changing as individuals and whats up with the middle class. Occasional guests and not holds barred commentary make this not your family friendly podcast.

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86 Episodes
86: Clubhouse and my pink undys

12 days ago 5 minutes

On this episode of the Babybed I talk about my experience on clubhouse so far and about my momentous

85: Capital I Say!

a month ago 49 minutes

What happened last week in America was almost Hollywood like in its act out! On this week’s episode

84: A new year

2 months ago 6 minutes

Welcome to 2021 on the babybed podcast!  While many are trying to forget 2020, I think its important

83: My new AI glasses

3 months ago 24 minutes

Hi there! On this week’s episode of the BabyBed I do a fun and informal review of my new Envision A

82: Indian customs

3 months ago 8 minutes

India, a country which doesn’t help people with disabilities and screws the disabled who try and hel


4 months ago 29 minutes

It seems like everyone has been running! From Milind to Kamala, the steps have been counted and appa

80: Glad I was a bad student

4 months ago 27 minutes

I’ve faced the truth and I’m glad I was bad at academics! It’s weird to say it, but thanks to not be

79: Left right left

4 months ago 30 minutes

As the yelling continues and the accusations fly, I bring you another episode of the Babybed. On thi

78: WTF is the new normal

5 months ago 6 minutes

Everyone is going on about how we have to adjust to the new normal. Firstly, what is normal? Normal

77: Problem with the pandemic

6 months ago 30 minutes

The pandemic has unveiled a lot of problems in the world. From people going live on Facebook, to a n


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